Retrofit Emission Control Device (RECD)


All of our diesel genset customers now have access to a ground-breaking clean air solution from Cummins. The Retrofit Emission Control Device (RECD) is built on filter-less technology and makes use of the fundamentals of electrostatic precipitation. It is very effective at enhancing air quality and can capture particulate matter carbon from air pollution with an efficiency of more than 70%. These RECDs adhere to the National Green Tribunal order O.A 681/2018 and were specifically created for Cummins Gensets.

Salient Features:
• Energy efficient as requires no active regeneration. No dependency on exhaust temperature.
• Robustness to wide variety and conditions of in-use DG sets. Remote installation possible
• Unmatched and minimal flow restriction compared to conventional filter based technologies.
• No impact on DG operational efficiency.
• On board diagnostics and telematics solution (IoT) with cloud based push notifications for users
• Separated particulate matter can be collected and used as a high value raw material in paint, dye and
plastics industry hence no disposal requirements or secondary pollution
• Simple, efficient and robust design that gives consistent performance and long operational life.
• All weather proof and low maintenance designs

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