Cummins Engine Parts

Why Buy Genuine Cummins Engine Parts? Because It Makes a Genuine Difference

Appearances can be deceptive. This is especially true when it comes to critical parts for your engine. Pistons, for example. In some ways, one piston might look much the same as another. Yet closer inspection will reveal that there are dramatic differences between Genuine Cummins Parts and others. Differences in design, tolerances and materials. The truth is, Genuine Cummins Parts deliver improved performance and longer life between overhauls. It’s that simple.

We offer the complete range of genuine Cummins After Market products.

We deal in following products which cater to over 17 engine series, 30 basic engine models with different applications and over 10,000 line items:

    • Genuine Cummins Parts
    • Engine Overhaul and Repair Kits
    • Conversion and Engine Upgrade Kits
    • Cummins Filtration Products
    • Genuine Cummins Parts for Tata Cummins engines
    • Cummins Turbocharger Assemblies and Parts
    • Silencers and Emission products
    • Genset Alternators and Spares
    • Allied Products
    • Lube Oil / Coolants
    • Special repair / Diagnostic tools
    • Electrical / Electronic / Software Items
    • Accessories / Peripherals
    • Training Aids / Literature

Cummins Engine Parts Catalogue Download

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