Coil Cooler

Coil Cooler

About Air-cooled fluid cooler (Remote Radiator)

Air-cooled fluid cooler is a device for dissipating heat from a fluid (water) directly to ambient air in a closed circuit.
Air cooled fluid cooler consist of heat transfer (finned surface) coils made of seamless copper tubes, high efficiency sine wave aluminum fins manufactured on most advanced CNC machines. The coils are encased in a electro-static powder coated G.I. sheet casing having imported axial fans installed on the top.The Air-cooled fluid cooler have been very well received and acclaimed by the Indian industry due to the dedication & excellence in the technology, quality & services.”

Advantage of Air Cooled Fluid Cooler (Remote Radiator)

• Cooling media is only free-ambient-air.
• 100% water saving-does not require water after its first charge.
• Water treatment plants & chemicals not required.
• Does not require any tube well boring.
• No problem of scale formation.
•No deration of DGset during extreme ambient conditions.

• Cooling tower, Heat exchanger & water circulation pumps are not required.
• Substantial amount of power saving during mild
weather conditions.
• No fear of air contamination or pollution.
• Total maintenance free system.
• No engine down time for maintenance.

Salient Features

• Special coated cooler to meet the stringent environmental conditions.
• Available with various noise level options.
• Automatic fan controller (optional).
• Coolers can be installed in Primary circuit at any distance using hot well arrangement.     

coil cooler
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