Dual Fuel Kit

What is Dual Fuel Technology?

  • Dual Fueling is simultaneous combustion Methane rich gas (most often Natural gas) with Diesel as fuel.
  • After conversion, the engine can continue to operate with only Diesel also. However, a ‘Gas only’ operation is not possible.
  • During Dual Fuel operation, a reduced quantity of diesel fuel acts as the ignition source for the air-gas mixture.
  • The Methane rich gas mix replaces significant proportion of Diesel to produce equivalent heat energy during combustion in the cylinder.
Dual Fuel Kit for Diesel Engines
Dual Fuel Kit for Diesel Engines

Benefits Of Dual Fuel Kit

  • Flexibility – Can be operated on only diesel incase of non-availability of gas
  • Field conversion is possible from diesel to dual fuel.
  • Reduce the cost of generation – Dual fuel engines deliver financial savings through
  • Reduced diesel fuel consumption. Gas is Cheaper than Diesel
  • No power lose – Higher specific power output compared to gas engine
  • Few moving components and hence low maintenance cost.
  • Low capital cost compared to gas engine

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