Grid power supply is a grim reality. This grid deficiency is met by usages of D. G. Sets.
Vapour Absorption Machines (VAM) are introduced to boost system efficiency. VAMs can be directly connected to engine exhaust or through a steam boiler or engine jacket hot water through PHEs to generate chilling, VAMs are CFC-free and Ozone Friendly.

Basic Principle
Boiling point of water is a function of pressure. At atmospheric pressure, water boils at 1000 C. At lower pressure it boils at lower temperature. Boiling point of water at 6mm of mercury absolute, is only 3.7­­0 C. Lithium Bromide (LiBr) salt has the property to absorb water due to its chemical affinity. As the concentration of LiBr Increases, its affinity towards water increases. On the other hand, as the temperature of LiBr increases its affinity towards water decreases.

Operation Principle
The vapor absorption chiller produces chilled water up to 00 C. The chiller utilizes the latent heat released by the refrigerant (water) as it evaporates (in a closed pressure vessel,) for cooling. Unlike a compression chiller which uses a compressor to pressurize the vaporized refrigerant (Freon) and condenses it by using cooling water, the absorption chiller uses an absorbent (LiBr) to absorb the vaporized refrigerant in the release from the absorbent when heated by an external source.

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