Specialized Services


Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contracts (CAMC)
Under this maintenance contract, TRIDENT provides spare parts and our engineers perform routine maintenance checks and troubleshooting.
Currently we serve many Corporates under our Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contracts (CAMC).

Maintenance and Electrical Contracts (M&E)
Recently, we have also begun to provide contracts for complete maintenance and electricals of entire buildings. In this program, we provide plumbers, electricians, supervisors and technicians to cater to all your maintenance and electrical needs. Please contact us for more details.

Preventive or Time-Based Maintenance
“Trident Provides complete maintenance of your Cummins engine, Alternator, Control Panel and Fuel System consists of scheduling maintenance activities at predetermined time intervals where we restore deteriorated parts or replace them before obvious or major problems occur. Performing this maintenance as per recommendations can considerably bring down the cost of repairs and downtime for our customers.”

For further details on these maintenance checks as well as other information relating to troubleshooting please refer to the Cummins Operational & Maintenance provided to you along with your engine. In case of any further information or assistance please contact us.