Recon Represents Genuine Cummins remanufactured products

Recon Represents Genuine Cummins remanufactured products and components that provide great value in every application, from on-highway vehicles to industrial applications and power generation equipments. 
Adherence to strict quality standards in the remanufacturing process, our easy exchange policy, competitive pricing and worldwide warranties make ReCon components and engines a great value in every application. 
Our products can help you achieve a reduction in emissions while lowering operating cost through improved fuel efficiency, lower maintenance costs and quick turnaround on repairs. The use of ReCon products ensures quality performance for year to come.

Features & benefits:

  • Value for money – Cost-effective means of extending the life of Cummins-powered equipment.
  • Fast turnaround – you’re back on the road in hours, no risky machine shop repairs or unexpected delays.
  • Off-the-shelf availability.
  • Genuine factory remanufactured product updated to the latest Cummins specifications.
  • Improved performance and fuel economy.
  • Longer engine life/less expense over time.
  • Warranty available.
  • Optimum reliability and durability.
  • Less smoke emission, reduced risk of fines.
  • Hassle-free core acceptance criteria.
  • Eco-friendly remanufacturing process.

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